After Nature

( 2008 – Present )

Each work in the ongoing Floral Prototypes series combines atmospheric grounds, hardedge geometries, and freehand gestures as a way of visualizing the patterns I recognize in nature.  My starting point for these works are photographic portraits I make of common garden flowers and plant structures.  Working on the computer, I strip them down to their geometric essentials; on paper or canvas, I then reconstruct what remains into my own idealized version of florabundance.  Contradictory Resemblances, like many of the works in this series, combines a variety of painting mediums—acrylic, flashe, powdered glass—to create the sensation of palpable textures hovering against atmospheric backgrounds. Western Cowboy Roper takes a geometric approach, constructing flower petals from circles that expand outward like ripples in a pond; the radial grid of Variegated Harlequin fuses organic floral geometries with the rhythms of a chandelier that illuminates one of Lincoln Center’s performance halls. Other works, like Touchy-Feely or Exhalations of Shadows, take as their point of departure the branching growth patterns that groundcover plants use to establish and maintain territory.